History of the IACCN

The IACCN was set up in September 1986 by a group of nurses working in critical care areas to meet with the educational needs of critical care nurses at that time. They organised educational meetings, comprising of educational evenings, study days and an Annual Conference every year. Today, the member of the Executive committee, with help from the regional representatives, strives to continue the work of our predecessors.

Objectives of the IACCN:

This is a summary of the objectives listed in the constitution of the Association, which was drawn up in 1986.

To promote the art and science of critical care nursing with a view to maintaining optimal care for patients in critical care areas.

To stimulate interest in new developments

To provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas among members of the association and other professional groups.

To establish and maintain links with international organizations who have similar objectives.

To encourage the training of members in all aspects of critical care nursing, including those that embody the extended role of the nurse.

To share information on current best practice in critical care

The current constitution is presently being revised testing






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