About Us

Where it all began

The IACCN was set up in September 1986 by a group of nurses working in critical care areas to meet with the educational needs of critical care nurses at that time. They organised educational meetings, comprising of educational evenings, study days and an Annual Conference every year. Today, the member of the Executive committee, with help from the regional representatives, strives to continue the work of our predecessors.


Committee Members:

Chairperson: Anna Marie Murphy

Vice-Chairperson: Serena O’Brien

Secretary: Mary Rose Curran

Treasurer(s): Siobhan O'Keeffe / Vanessa MacNamara

Membership: Charlotte Carter / Catherine O’Connor

Sponsorship: Ann Sheehan

GDPR Officer(s): Anna Marie Murphy / Mary Rose Curran

Education: Ann Sheehan

Academia: Assoc Prof John Gilmore

Research: Natalie McEvoy

Website & Social Media: Aileen McCabe / Lisa Dunne

EfCCNa link: Christine Sheehan

BACCN link: Derek Cribbin

Our Vision

The IACCN (Irish Association of Critical Care Nurses) is a voice for excellence in Irish critical care nursing where the integral role of the specialist intensive care nurse is acknowledged, valued and at the forefront of healthcare provision and governance.

Our Mission

The IACCN is a not-for-profit organisation which was established in 1986 to represent critical care nurses across Ireland. The Association is committed to the professional and educational development of these nurses and is instrumental in providing a link with national planning and progression within critical care.

Aims & Objectives

Represent Your Voice

To act as a national voice that is truly representative of all critical care nurses.

Empower & Advocate

To empower each critical care nurse to become a leader and advocate for critically ill patients and their families.

Skills & Knowledge

To ensure critical care nurses are equipped with the requisite skills and knowledge to provide evidence-based, person-centred care for critically ill patients.

Network & Collaborate

To network and collaborate on behalf of critical care nurses through communication and co-ordination of critical care activities nationwide.

Research & Development

Through enhancing the professional image of critical care nurses, the IACCN aims to have a positive influence on research, national health care policy development, the critical care programme and future critical care strategies.