Professor Laserina O'Connor Nursing Excellence Award

The IACCN recognise all critical care nurses for all they do for patients, for families, for their colleagues and for the profession of nursing. We honour and support all nurses who strive to improve nursing practice; who initiate and deliver very high standards of care; who focus on innovation and excellence in patient care and improve the lives of others.

The IACCN is very proud to offer this award in the name of one of our former colleagues, Professor Laserina O’Connor a critical care nurse, a leader and mentor who demonstrated commitment to excellence in nursing throughout her career. To reflect Laserina’s drive for excellence in critical care nursing, the IACCN would like to present an annual award to a critical care nurse who, in your estimation, reflects this ethos.


  • More information about the award and who can apply can be found here


  • The nomination form can be downloaded here - complete and submit your nomination to prior to 1st August 2024