Welcome to our new website - IACCN Chairperson

Date: Friday, 06 May 2022

Dear IACCN members  and critical care colleagues,


On behalf of the IACCN, we are very excited to invite you to our new website, which we hope to develop into a focal point for critical care nurses.  We will develop this website provide resources, building networks, promote quality initiatives around the country, promote best practice and research within critical care, and of course, giving you a voice and network of colleagues to discuss and support both our patients and ourselves.


The IACCN would like to acknowledge the tremendous work and commitment you always deliver, particularly in the last 2 years, which I am sure we will never forget.

I’m sure you will agree that now we need to concentrate on Moving forward, to recognise our strength, consolidate what we have learnt and forge the collegial relationships that has got us through a pandemic.


In line with our new website we have developed a new logo, which we feel represents the critical care nurse. it means different thing to everyone, to me it symbolises the protective, advocate, strength of critical care nursing where the person in the symbols represents different people to include the patient, family, colleagues and indeed sometimes ourselves.


As a member of the IACCN, you belong to a group of committed professionals who strive for excellence in the delivery of care to our critically ill patients.



If you are a new member, welcome, if you are a long standing member, thank you, and if you are on the committee, I am indebted to you for your hard work and commitment.


Moving forward we have many new exciting initiatives and need your support


·         We would like to invite new members so we can truly hear and represent you

·         Like to encourage members to take an active role either locally or nationally

·         Local representation on the committee

·         Education resources and training  

·         Promote quality initiatives

·         Guide critical care nursing into the future

·         For critical care nurses by critical care nurses


If you want to be a voice in critical care, please join us to make a difference.


Anna Marie Murphy